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Less Is More: The Evocative Film Posters of Akiko Stehrenberger (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2020)
The Online Pivot: California’s Cultural Institutions Adjust to the New Reality (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2020)
Isa Mazzei is Done Hiding (Caliber Magazine, Issue 19, 2020)
Natalia Anciso Wears Her Art on Her Sleeve (Caliber Magazine, Issue 17, 2019)
Interview with an Artist: Nicky Rodriguez (Caliber, 2019)
Q&A with Heather Christle: The Crying Book and a Nourishment from Sharing (ZYZZYVA, 2019)
Spanish in the Time of Xenophobia (Caliber Magazine, Issue 18, 2019)
Figures of Speech: A Spotlight on Cal Students Who Stutter (Caliber Magazine, Issue 15, 2017)



A Review of: Sasha Marianna Salzmann’s Beside Myself  (The Believer, 2020)
Tears, Idle Tears: On Heather Christle’s The Crying Book (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2019)
Unguilty Pleasures: On Emily Nussbaum’s I Like To Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV Revolution (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2019)
A Meander through a Singular Mind: On Love and I (ZYZZYVA, 2019)
A Literary Time Capsule: On Mickey Rourke and the Bluebird of Happiness (ZYZZYVA, 2019)
No Mere Confessional: On In the Dream House (ZYZZYVA, 2019)
Thoroughly Acquainted with the World: On The Painted Forest (ZYZZYVA, 2019)
A Pointed Ode to Love: On I Wrote This Book Because I Love You (Caliber, 2019)


A Devastating History, Revealed: On One Child Nation (Nonfics, 2019)
An Answer to Inspiration Porn: On Vision Portraits (Nonfics, 2019)
This Is Not a Love Story: On Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love (Nonfics, 2019)
The Performer, The Paradox: On Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (Nonfics, 2019)
Toni Morrison Has a Lot to Teach Us: On Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (Nonfics, 2019)
A Meditative Masterpiece: On Pain and Glory (Caliber, 2019)
Toss All Vanity to the Mediterranean Breeze: On Mamma Mia! (Directed by Women, 2019)
A Tender Portrait of Existential Crisis: On Circle of Steel (Women and Hollywood, 2019)
The Nation That Slavery Built: On The Long Shadow (Nonfics, 2018)
A Stunning Folk Tale Woven from Trauma: On Liyana  (Nonfics, 2018)


TDPS Holds a Funhouse Mirror Up to Marriage: On 70 Scenes of Halloween (Caliber, 2018)
TDPS Explores the Mechanics of Connection: On All in the Timing  (Caliber, 2018)
A Colorful, Superficial Spin: On Tartuffe (Caliber, 2018)
A Stunning Theatrical Achievement: On Metamorphoses (Caliber, 2017)
TDPS Joyfully Captures the Fun of Musical Theatre: On Love and Pride (Caliber, 2017)


Our Truest Loves: On Poetry and Parasocial Relationships (Los Angeles Review of Books, 2019)
“She Doesn’t Need Us Anymore”: A Look at Fleabag Season 2 (Los Angeles Review of Books Blog, 2019)
The National’s Anthem (Los Angeles Review of Books Blog, 2019)
Frank O’Hara Is Everywhere (Los Angeles Review of Books Blog, 2019)
11 Months in Reading (Los Angeles Review of Books Blog, 2019)
How Female Showrunners Are Changing TV (Women and Hollywood, 2019)
On Loneliness (Caliber, 2019)
On Shoes and Grief (Caliber, 2019)
Some Hours in L.A. (Caliber, 2019)
The Remarkable Inconspicuousness of Michael Sheen (The Annex, 2018)
Why Women Directors Are Thriving on Television (Film School Rejects, 2018)
The Disappearance of the TV Antihero (Film School Rejects, 2018)
The Evolution of the Mystery Box (Film School Rejects, 2018)
The Anatomy of a Great TV Pilot (Film School Rejects, 2018)
The Oscars Love Movies About Disability, Not Disabled Actors (Film School Rejects, 2018)

Short Form

Our Bodies, Our Choice: VOD and Web Series Picks (Women and Hollywood, 2019)
You Have to Laugh: VOD and Web Series Picks (Women and Hollywood, 2019)
Here and Queer: Crowdfunding Picks (Women and Hollywood, 2019)
Smashing Stigmas: Crowdfunding Picks (Women and Hollywood, 2019)
The 20 Best TV Bottle Episodes Ever (Film School Rejects, 2018)
How Breaking Bad Turns the Camera into a Character (Film School Rejects, 2018)
David Lynch Doesn’t Give a Shit About Your Nostalgia (Film School Rejects, 2018)
How Mindhunter Breaks the Cardinal Rule of Storytelling (Film School Rejects, 2018)
10 Great Music Videos Directed By Your Favorite Filmmakers (Film School Rejects, 2018)
The Best Movies on Amazon Prime (Complex, 2018)
The Best Christmas Songs of All Time (Complex, 2017)
The Best TV Theme Songs (Complex, 2017)

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